2 hari 1 malam di Cirebon part 1

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Indah : "Ke Cirebon yuk May wiskul"
Maya : "Yuk, murah tiketnya cuman 49ribu"
Indah : "Empal gentong enak banget tauk"
Maya : "Apa aja gua mah. Cuss"
Celetukan iseng di uber car saat pulang dari wisata kuliner di Bogor ini berbuah perjalanan yang tak akan terlupakan sabtu 7 Januari 2017 lalu. Saya dan ketiga teman saya pergi ke Cirebon selama 2 hari 1 malam. Kami menggunakan kereta Tegal Express yang berangkat pukul 7.45 pagi dan sampai di Stasiun Cirebon Prujakan pukul 12.15. Dari stasiun, kami naik angkot berlogokan GS untuk makan siang di nasi jamblang Bu Nur yang terkenal di penjuru Cirebon. Nasi jamblang Bu Nur berjarak kira-kira hanya 5 menit dari stasiun. Sesampainya di sana, rumah makan tersebut sudah sangat penuh sehingga kami memutuskan untuk makan empal gentong di depannya yang juga dimiliki Bu Nur.
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Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year, everybody! I posted this at 1 am wohooooo. It’s becoming more repetitive to say but I just can’t believe time flies so fast that now is 2017 already. Are you frigging kidding me???!!! I feel sad 2016 is over because 2016 felt like a dream to me. I won a writing competition for the first time and they rewarded me with a Japan vacation. If you want to read my entry, click here. Ah, I hope I will fly a lot to different places in 2017. 

Despite all the good things that happened, I also was so sad and terrified because my father and my sister were hospitalized. But I thank God that they are both now healthy. I pray for everyone around me to be healthy in 2017. Amen.

There are a lot of things that I learnt in 2016, 
  • When things fall apart, they could actually be falling into place
  • Sometimes taking your own medicine is a hardest pill to swallow 
  • Always make space in your life for fun and a smile 
  • We need to be our own best friend, not harshest critic 
  • There’s always something to be grateful for
  • If you prioritize everything then nothing is the priority 
  • Health is your real wealth so look after yourself 
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September-December 2016 Favorite

Ok, I'm gonna apologize that I didn’t post a lot of “favorite” post in 2016. Mostly because I don’t have money to buy new things. Seriously tho, when will I become rich? LOL Anyway, I haven’t wrote any favorite post since September. So without further due, here it is my September-December 2016 favorites. 

1. Maybelline Mascara-hip curl volume express
I waited for at least a month to confidently saying this one is my new fav mascara because usually mascara is only good at the beginning but I still love this mascara so much to the day I wrote this blog post. It really hold my curls. Give it a go, peeps! It is sooo good. This picture were taken at Kiluan bay during my Lampung trip here.

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